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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Studies

Alcorn, J.B., Bamba, J., Masiun, S., Natalia, I., and Royo, A.G. 2003. Keeping ecological resilience afloat in cross-scale turbulence: an indigenous social movement navigates change in Indonesia. In F. Berkes, J. Colding, and C. Holling (eds.) Navigating Social-Ecological Systems: Building Resilience for Complexity and Change. Cambridge/New York: Cambridge Universitry Press, pp. 299-327.

Abstract:This case study deals with the Dayak indigenous peoples' social movement in Indonesia. The movement creates a collective identity for the Dayak people by helping communities build solidarity to face loggers, map their territories, and renew traditional adat laws. The chapter reflects on the institutional response of moving from a lower (i.e., local) to a higher (i.e., national and international) level of organization in the face of external drivers.

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