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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Variables

Variable TypeBinary
Variable Component TypeNatural Resource Unit
Variable KindComponent
ThemeBasic (learn about themes)
ProjectsSESMAD, Fiji fisheries
QuestionIs this commons biotic (living)?
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ImportanceBiotic organisms may play valuable or deleterious roles in natural systems, and are capable of natural regeneration. Natural regeneration allows resource users the possibility of sustainably managing a resource so long as the quantity of units is appropriate.

A biotic resource unit is one whose members are living organisms capable of reproduction.


Theory Usages

TheoryValue Used

Component Usages

ComponentValue UsedExplanation
Western Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Yes
Galapagos Sea CucumberYes
Eastern Atlantic Bluefin TunaYes
GBR target fish 
GBR target fishYes
Patagonian Toothfish Yes
NWHI Lobster FisheryYes
Macquarie Island Royal PenguinYes
Light Mantled AlbatrossYes
Wakatobi coral coverYes
Wakatobi Green TurtleYes
Wakatobi fish spawningYes
Galapagos Green TurtleYes
Raja Ampat Reef Fish Yes
Raja Ampat Coral CoverYes
Galapagos SharksYes
Raja Ampat Green TurtleYes
NWHI Green TurtleYes
California Humpback WhaleYes
Community D Fish ResourcesYes
Community A Fish ResourcesYes
Community C Fish ResourcesYes
Community B Fish ResourcesYes
Svalbard Polar BearYes
Seaflower coral reefsYesPhylum Cnidaria
Seaflower groupersYesMarine fish belonging to the serranade family: Atlantic goliath grouper(Epinephelus itajara), Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus), black grouper (Mycteroperca bonaci), yellowmouth grouper (Mycteroperca interstitialis)and red grouper (Epinephelus morio).
Svalbard BelugaYes
Community G Fish ResourcesYes
Community E Fish ResourcesYes
Community F Fish ResourcesYes
Community H Fish ResourcesYes
Svalbard ShrimpYes
GABMP (Commonwealth Waters) Southern Right WhaleYes
GABMP (Commonwealth Waters) Southern Bluefin TunaYes
King PenguinYes
GBR Green TurtleYes
Cenderwasih green turtleYes
GABMP (Commonwealth Waters) Sea LionYes
Svalbard KittiwakeYes
Cenderwasih target fishYes
Patagonian squid (Loligo gahi)Yes
Arrow Squid (Nototodarus spp.)Yes
California market squid (Loligo opalescens)Yes
New Zealand Sea Lion