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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Variables

Variable TypeInterval
Variable Component TypeGovernance System
Variable KindInteraction
ThemeInstitutional-biophysical linkage (learn about themes)
ProjectsFiji fisheries
QuestionApproximately how many times per year do harvests take place within the PHC?
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Theory Usages

TheoryValue Used

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Case Usages

CaseInteraction TypeComponentValue UsedExplanation
Community A (Fiji fisheries)GovernanceCommunity A Governance System3 #/YearPHC is harvested three to four times per year
Community B (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity B Governance System1 #/Year
Community C (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity C Governance System0 #/Year
Community H (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity H Governance System3 #/YearPHC has been harvested 3-4 time per year
Community F (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity F Governance System0 #/YearThis PHC has never been opened for harvesting since it was established, although illegal harvests have taken place.
Community D (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity D Governance System1 #/YearPHC is harvested 1-2 times per year
Community E (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity E Governance System1 #/YearThe PHC is officially harvested once per year; although since the reef survey this has increased and illegal harvests have taken place.
Community G (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity G Governance System1 #/YearPHC is harvested on an annual basis.