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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Variables

Variable TypeInterval
Variable Component TypeEnvironmental Common
Variable KindComponent
ThemeSpatial (learn about themes)
ProjectsFiji fisheries
QuestionWhat is the spatial size of the periodically harvested closure in square kilometers?
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Unitsquare kilometers
ImportancePeriodically harvested closures can provide communities with provisioning benefits; while also directly benefiting communities from periodic harvests.

Periodically harvested closures (PHCs) are areas within locally managed marine areas that combine spatial and temporal restrictions in which harvesting is prohibited most of the time, but which is periodically opened for fishing by the community.


Theory Usages

TheoryValue Used

Associated Studies

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Component Usages

ComponentValue UsedExplanation
Community D Fish Resources3.69 square kilometers
Community A Fish Resources1.25 square kilometers
Community C Fish Resources0.23 square kilometers
Community B Fish Resources2.07 square kilometers
Community G Fish Resources0.73 square kilometers
Community F Fish Resources4.68 square kilometers
Community H Fish Resources1.34 square kilometers
Community E Fish Resources15.5 square kilometers