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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Variables

Variable TypeOrdinal
Variable Component TypeLocal Resource User Group
Variable KindInteraction
ThemeInstitutions (learn about themes)
ProjectsFiji fisheries
QuestionTo what extent are fish resources used by fishers from outside the community?
Select Options1 Low (1-2 boats), 2 Medium (2-10 boats), 3 High (more than 10 boats)
ImportanceThe use of resources by outsiders (i.e. not members of focal groups) places pressure on resources directly, but can also reduce incentives to self-organize and manage resources.

This variable is used for the Fiji Fisheries project and specifically refers to individuals that are not members of the focal community.  The variable can take one of three values.  Yes, with permission means that outsider groups use resources but with the consent of the community or governing organization.  Yes, without permission means that outsider groups use resources without this permission.  No means that outsider groups do not use resources. 


Theory Usages

TheoryValue Used

Associated Studies

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Case Usages

CaseInteraction TypeComponentValue UsedExplanation
Community A (Fiji fisheries)GovernanceCommunity ALow (1-2 boats) (1)
Community B (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity BLow (1-2 boats) (1)
Community G (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity GLow (1-2 boats) (1)
Community H (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity HLow (1-2 boats) (1)
Community C (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity CLow (1-2 boats) (1)
Community F (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity FMedium (2-10 boats) (2)
Community D (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity DMedium (2-10 boats) (2)
Community E (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity EHigh (more than 10 boats) (3)