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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Variables

Variable TypeInterval
Variable Component TypeGovernance System
Variable KindComponent
ThemeInstitutions (learn about themes)
QuestionWhat percentage of the area of this MPA is covered by sustainable use zones (IUCN categories V and VI)?
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ImportanceIUCN category is assigned based on the primary stated management objective of the MPA, or a zone within an MPA (the zone must be clearly mapped, recognised by legal or other effective means, and have distinct and unambiguous management aims that can be assigned to a particular protected area category). Zoning is an important component of MPA management. Zones within an MPA can be used to permit or restrict diverse uses in different areas of the MPA (or network).

V: Category V protected areas are where the interaction of people and nature over time has produced an area of distinct character with significant ecological, biological, cultural and scenic value: and where safeguarding the integrity of this interaction is vital to protecting and sustaining the area and its associated nature conservation and other values.

VI: Category VI protected areas conserve ecosystems and habitats together with associated cultural values and traditional natural resource management systems. They are generally large, with most of the area in natural condition, where a proportion is under sustainable natural resource management and where low-level non industrial use of natural resources compatible with nature conservation is seen as one of the main aims of the area.

For further details and examples of how these categories are applied to MPAs, refer to IUCN Guidelines for Applying the IUCN Protected Area Management Categories to Marine Protected Areas for additional definitions: http://iucn.org/about/work/programmes/marine/marine_our_work/marine_mpas/mpa_publications.cfm?11131/Guidelines-for-Applying-the-IUCN-Protected-Area-Management-Categories-to-Marine-Protected-Areas

SectorsMarine protected areas

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Component Usages

ComponentValue UsedExplanation
GBR Marine Park Act 2004-current62 %http://www.gbrmpa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/14122/area_statement_082010_updated_WebVersion.pdf
Wakatobi National Park 2008-current36 %General use zone =4957km2 – all fishers permitted
NWHI Monument Act 20060 %
Raja Ampat Governance System80 %The other zones are: Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture zone; Zone cruise line ships; sasi and traditional use zone; Other utilization zone - which make up 80% of the MPAs. Sasi and traditional use zone cover 53% of total area and inlcude periodic closures for certain species. Percentage calculated from zoning given in Boli et al. 2014. for the 5 MPAs presented in the paper (total 9905.76km2, not total area of the MPA network)
Joint Sanctuary Management Governance System 69 %Anything that is not III, IV, 1a or 1b, II
Svalbard Environmental Protection Act %
Seaflower MPA Act 2005 %
Galapagos Governance System 1998-current83 %Not cited as such, but only 17% is no-take the remaing area of the park allows fishing, but not indistrial fishing - fitting with IUCN VI.
Macquarie Island Marine Park Management Plan0 %There are no category V and VI sustainable use zones in the Macquarie MPA
GABMP (Commonwealth Waters) Plan of Management 2000 - 2005 and Management Plan 2005 - 2012100 %All of the Park is IUCN VI. Commercial fishing is allowed in the majority of the Park
Heard and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve Management Plan0 %The entire MPA is a IUCN category 1a (strict nature reserve)
Heard Island and McDonald Islands Fishery Management PlanNot Applicable
Cenderwasih governance system92.9 %traditional use (3875km2) and general use zones (9000km2) Total adds up to >than park area, so percentages taken of this area total = 13975
Caeté-Taperaçú Extractive Reserve (RESEX) in BrazilMissing
Self.organized rules and norms for SCUBA divingMissing
Marine Areas for Responsible Fishing (AMPRs) Costa RicaMissing