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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Variables

Variable TypeOrdinal
Variable Component TypeLocal Resource User Group
Variable KindInteraction
ThemeIncentives (learn about themes)
ProjectsFiji fisheries
QuestionApproximately how much of each harvest or catch is sold on local or external markets?
Select Options1 Low, 2 Medium, 3 High
ImportanceThe larger the fraction of catches sold on markets the more we would generally expect fishing patterns to reflect market demand and potentially undermine the sustainability of resource use. Values under 1/3 are categorized as low; while values above 2/3 are categorized as high.  

This variable is drawn from a survey question that asks which fraction of a catch is sold on markets.  


Theory Usages

TheoryValue Used

Associated Studies

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Case Usages

CaseInteraction TypeComponentValue UsedExplanation
Community A (Fiji fisheries)GovernanceCommunity A 
Community B (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity BLow (1)Less than 1/3 of the catch is sold on commercial markets.
Community C (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity C 
Community H (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity HLow (1)12% of captured fish are sold on the market.
Community F (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity FLow (1)Approximately 23% of the catch is sold.
Community D (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity DLow (1)0% of the catch is sold
Community E (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity EHigh (3)Approximately 73% of catches are sold.
Community G (Fiji Fisheries)GovernanceCommunity GLow (1)Approximately 11%of the catch is sold.