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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database

Sara M. Maxwell

Postdoctoral Fellow

Stanford University

Areas of Expertise

marine vertebrate ecology, marine conservation, resource management, spatial ecology, oceanography

Research Activites

Sara Maxwell is a Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University, beginning a position as Assistant Professor at Old Dominion University in Norfolk VA in January 2015. Sara received her undergraduate degree in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Florida and her PhD in Ocean Sciences from University of California Santa Cruz. Her research focuses on the development of science-based solutions to conservation and management issues in the ocean. Her expertise is in the application of spatial tools, such as satellite tracking and oceanographic modeling to understand the distribution of large marine predators, how these predators interact with ocean processes, and how this knowledge can be applied to managing predator populations, human activities and ocean resources. Much of her research has focused on marine protected areas, fisheries management and dynamic ocean management.