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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database

Frank S. J. van Laerhoven

Assistant professor
Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development
Utrecht University

Research Activites

Frank studies environmental governance, particularly the governance of ecosystems. His research agenda includes an interest in commons, socio-ecological systems, decentralization reforms, local democracy and participation, and the solving of collective action dilemmas. He currently work on the role of NGOs in stimulating collective action among CPR users in India (with Clare Barnes), on the role of gender and gendered institutions in developing and applying adaptation strategies in response to climate change in Ethiopia (with Azeb Assefa Mehra), and on the development of technological innovation systems (TIS) that regard water and sanitation issues in Bangladesh (within the UDW Delta-MAR project). Frank is the co-editor in chief of the International Journal of the Commons (www.thecommonsjournal.org)