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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Component

SummaryGreen turtle (Chelonia mydas) used as a proxy for the impact of MPAs on migratory species. The green turtle Chelonia mydas is the only species of sea turtle nesting in the Galapagos Islands and is found on nearly all of the islands, except Rábida, Genovesa, Pinzón and Fernandina. At least 107 beaches are potential nesting sites for this species; however, the densest nesting areas are found on Santa Cruz, Baltra and Isabela Islands
SubtypeNatural Resource Unit
SectorMarine protected areas
Commons AggregationPopulation
Commons BoundariesSomewhat unclear boundaries (2)
Explanationdefined foraging and nesting grounds, however migratory boundaries are not well known
Commons Indicator["Status of highly migratory species"]
Commons Unit SizeMedium (3)
ExplanationAv weight of adult individual 68-190Kg
Environmental MediumOceanic
Inter Annual PredictabilityModerate (2)
ExplanationMigratory species and number of males is not well understood, however females predictably return to the same nesting beaches every couple years. Approximate numbers fairly predictable.
Intra Annual PredictabilityModerate (2)
ExplanationAvailability varies according to season, but these patterns can be predicted. Also population sizes don't fluctuate too much in relation environmental factors.
Commons RenewabilityRenewable (1)
ExplanationRenewable, however slow to mature and reproduce, with high infant mortality.
ProductivityPoorly productive (1)
ExplanationMany eggs lain, however high mortality rate. Also very slow to mature and reproduce.
Commons AccessibilityVery accessible (3)
ExplanationTurtles are easy to catch, both as by-catch and intentionally.
Commons HeterogeneityModerate (2)
ExplanationGreen turtles use many locations and habitats which may be quite distant from one another, however females often return to the same nesting beach. The most important nesting beaches in the Galapagos Archipelago are Quinta Playa and Bahía Barahona in Isabela Island, Las Bachas in Santa Cruz Island, Las Salinas in Seymour Island and Espumilla in Santiago Island (Zarate et al 2003)
Commons MobilityHigh (3)
ExplanationMigratory species
Commons Spatial Extent133000
ExplanationCoded as extent of GMR - but Green turtles in Galapagos range around Central and South America.
Technical SubstituteNo