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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Component

SummaryThe Monument is administered jointly by three co-trustees (NOAA, USFWS, and the State of Hawai’i). The Co-Trustees developed and signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in 2006 to establish roles and responsibilities of coordinating bodies and mechanisms for managing the Monument. The day-to-day management of the Monument is overseen by a 7-member management board comprised of two sub-agencies of each Co-Trustee, plus the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.
SubtypeGroup of Local Governments
SectorMarine protected areas
Interest HeterogeneityLow (1)
ExplanationAlthough the Co-trusteeship is broken down into three different organizations (NOAA, USFWS, State of Hawaii) they all work towards the same goal of MPA management.
Costs Of ExitNot Applicable
Proportionality (Of Costs And Benefits)Not Applicable
Actor Group CoordinationFormal
ExplanationFormal - a memorandum of agreement (MOA) signed by the managing institutions established an institutional “co-trusteeship” of the protected area, requiring two federal agencies (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA] and the US Fish and Wildlife Service [USFWS]) and the State of Hawai‘i to manage the monument collaboratively as “co-trustees” (Kittenger et al. 2011)
Leadership["Formal leader"]
Leadership AccountabilityHigh (3)
Leadership AuthorityHigh (3)
ExplanationThe leaders of these organisations can make important decisions about organisational and operational issues related to the structure of the agency, staff and the activities that are prioritised and undertaken.
Actor Group TrustMedium (2)
ExplanationLow at the start of the time period being coded but now is considereably better - A. Wilhelm pers comm.
Past CollaborationLow (1)
ExplanationAlthough some of the agencies have worked together in other areas before - there had not been such a collaboration in this area or to this extent, so coded as low.
Personal CommunicationMore than once a year (5)
ExplanationAssumed because government agencies
Remote CommunicationMore than once a year (5)
ExplanationAssumed because government agencies