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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Component

SummaryWe use coral cover as a proxy for coral reef biodiversity, which in turn is a proxy for the overall health of biodiversity of the Great Barrier Reef system.
SubtypeNatural Resource System
SectorMarine protected areas
Commons BoundariesClear boundaries (3)
Environmental MediumOceanic
Inter Annual PredictabilityHigh (3)
Intra Annual PredictabilityHigh (3)
Commons RenewabilityRenewable (1)
ExplanationBut takes decades to renew because coral reefs are slow-growing
ProductivityVery productive (3)
Commons AccessibilitySomewhat accessible (2)
ExplanationBoats are required to get to the reef. Some areas near shore are more accessible than offshore reefs.
Commons HeterogeneityHigh (3)
ExplanationCorals cluster together in reefs, in a patchwork of reef and non-reef areas.
Commons Spatial Extent345000
ExplanationCoral makes up 7% but is found across north-south and inshore-offshore components of the GBRMP.
Technical SubstituteNo
ExplanationCan get artificial reef structures, but can't substitute coral