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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Component

SummaryThis governance system refers to national-level regulations and market factors that governed production of ozone depleting substances. At the international level these uncoordinated governance activities represent an informal governance system.
SubtypeInformal Governance System
SectorAir Pollution
Begin Date1977
ExplanationThere is no clear date for the beginning of ozone goverance. We have chosen 1977 as this is the start of our first snapshot as this is the year that international scientific efforts began with a conference of experts from 32 countries.
End Date1989
Governance ScaleState-based policy
ExplanationNational legislation determined whether or not a state governed ODS emissions.
Governance System DescriptionThe Pre-Montreal Protocol Governance system is not a coherent system, but rather an uncoordinated amalgam of policies in nation states. It is not a polycentric system in the classic sense given that there are no overlapping spheres of authority.
Governance Triggerslow continuous change
ExplanationPolicies arose as a result of increasing recognition of problems associated with ozone depletion, and their link to ozone depleting substances. There was no direct trigger, although it is unlikely that any policies would have been implemented without the growth of scientific knowledge.
CentralizationHighly decentralized (1)
ExplanationAny governance of ozone depleting substances was either highly idiosyncratic or non-existent, governed only by market forces. The US for instance banned the nonessential use of CFSs as aerosol propellants in 1978.