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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Component

SummaryManagers within the state agency focused on market squid
SubtypeGovernment Agency
SectorFisheries (Stock-specific)
Interest HeterogeneityLow (1)
ExplanationCPS/HMS Project Staff follow same rules and work toward same goals. Guided by same Fishery Management Plan and overarching federal goals (Magnuson Stevens Act). Some are focused more on scientific efforts, and others logistical. CPS and HMS have slightly different interests, but are generally same concerns and direction of activities.
Costs Of ExitNo
ExplanationNo costs to leaving
Proportionality (Of Costs And Benefits)No
ExplanationMore benefits (pay and career) than costs.
Actor Group CoordinationBoth formal and informal
ExplanationFormal meetings, but close community.
ExplanationFormal: Senior Environmental Scientists are leaders
Leadership AccountabilityLow (1)
ExplanationWhile leaders could be held accountable, this is rare. Professionally held accountable.
Leadership AuthorityHigh (3)
ExplanationSenior scientists have a lot of say in management decisions. Many reports are team created, but often decisions are shaped by leaders.
Actor Group TrustHigh (3)
ExplanationAppear to be on same level.
Past CollaborationHigh (3)
ExplanationHighly collaborate together. Frequent meetings, roles require frequent collaboration. CPS and HMS are on same team.
Personal CommunicationMore than once a year (5)
ExplanationWork in same office, frequent meetings
Remote CommunicationMore than once a year (5)
ExplanationCommunicate daily/weekly.