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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Component

SummaryArtisanal fishers located on the coast of Cenderwasih Bay fishing for subsistence
SubtypeLocal Resource User Group
SectorMarine protected areas
Interest HeterogeneityLow (1)
ExplanationOverall low, although different villages have different dependency on marine resources (versus farming), based on historically different tribes.
Costs Of ExitYes
ExplanationIn general marine resources are important to local livelihoods (although the level of depedence is variable by village)
Proportionality (Of Costs And Benefits) 
Actor Group CoordinationBoth formal and informal
ExplanationFormal village leaders and informal village practices
Leadership["Formal leader"]
ExplanationVillages have elected leaders and head of tribes (kepala suku)
Leadership AccountabilityHigh (3)
ExplanationLeaders are elected, and the communitites will speak out if their leaders misbehave (socio-economic basline survey 2008)
Leadership AuthorityMedium (2)
ExplanationLeaders are generally well respected but the youth do not always agree with formal leadership (socio-economic basline survey 2008)
Actor Group TrustHigh (3)
ExplanationTribes and clans have a long history in the area
Past CollaborationHigh (3)
ExplanationTribes and clans have a long history in the area
Personal CommunicationMore than once a year (5)
Remote CommunicationMissing