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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Component

SummaryThis refers to the system of rules, regulations and processes used to govern fish resources within the LMMA of community H
ProjectFiji fisheries
SubtypeInformal Governance System
Begin Date2005
ExplanationPHC management was initiated in 2005.
End DateCurrent
Governance ScaleLocal (Village, Community)
Governance System Description{"Management Regime"=>"The qoliqoli is for the village only. Management decisions are ultimately made by the chief.", "Tabu establishment"=>"2005 through an agreement with Seacology so that the village could get development assistance – Seacology had informed them that from the establishment of this tabu, they will renovate the village hall & the church. This was followed up with a biological monitoring workshop organised by IAS-USP as the FLMMA co-management partner."}
Governance TriggerMissing
CentralizationHighly decentralized (1)
Metric DiversityHigh: Many metrics for success (3)
ExplanationFish resources are managed with a number of different social, economic and ecological objectives.
Phc Management ScaleVillage