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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Component

SummaryThis refers to system of rules, regulations and processes used to govern the use of fish resources within the LMMA of community F.
ProjectFiji fisheries
SubtypeInformal Governance System
Begin Date2011
ExplanationGovernance of {PHC was initiated in 2011.
End DateCurrent
Governance ScaleSub-national (State, Province, District)
Governance System Description{"Management Regime"=>"PHC is managed collectively by all villages and settlements in District within a shared ikanakana, known as “kana-veicurumaki”. Bose Vanua (district council of chiefs) has the ultimate authority over the management of District’s fisheries resources.", "Tabu establishment"=>"Initiated by Bose Vanua in 2011 with assistance from Institute of Applied Science – University of the South Pacific (IAS-USP) as co-management partner. Location of tabu selected by Bose Vanua because it had easily recognizable boundaries and could easily be monitored by people from the majority of villages (e.g. centrally located). Not harvested to date, though communities expressed desire to open the tabu in 2014, but idea rejected by Bose Vanua. Another tabu in the qoliqoli, was harvested by some villages in District in 2015 because it had reached its 3 yr term of closure. However, this was “opened” without the approval of the Bose Vanua and then the fishers in this tabu were asked to refrain from fishing in it. So it was closed again."}
Governance TriggerMissing
CentralizationHighly decentralized (1)
Metric DiversityHigh: Many metrics for success (3)
ExplanationFisheries within the LMMA are managed with a number of different social, economic and ecological objectives.
Phc Management ScaleDistrict