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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Component

SummaryThis refers to the community of fishers that harvest fish resources within the LMMA of Community F
ProjectFiji fisheries
SubtypeLocal Resource User Group
Leadership["Formal leader"]
Leadership AccountabilityMedium (2)
Explanation3.36/5: Average level of trust in leaders from members of the community indicates that it falls somewhere between neither trusting nor distrusting (3) and Trust more than distrust (4).
Leadership AuthorityMissing
Actor Group TrustLow (1)
Explanation2.77/5: This indicates that average level of trust in other members of the community falls somewhere between Distrust more than trust (2) and Neither trust nor distrust (3).
Community ParticipationHigh (3)
Explanation82.5% of respondents indicate that they participate in community decision-making processes.