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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Component

SummaryArtisanal fishers fishing within the Safflower MPA
SubtypeLocal Resource User Group
SectorMarine protected areas
Interest HeterogeneityMedium (2)
ExplanationThere might be differences based on gear type use and/or fishing techniques but in terms of MPA support literature suggest there was none.
Costs Of ExitMissing
ExplanationNO DATA
Proportionality (Of Costs And Benefits)No
ExplanationIt seems that artisanal fishers put a lot of their time and effort in the MPA creation management process but it does not seem their economic situation improved nor that MPA is functioning properly.
Actor Group CoordinationFormal
ExplanationThere are fishing cooperatives
Leadership["Formal leader"]
ExplanationFishing cooperatives have elected leaders
Leadership AccountabilityMissing
ExplanationNO DATA
Leadership AuthorityMissing
ExplanationNO DATA
Actor Group TrustHigh (3)
ExplanationBased on the continuous engagement of this group in the MPA planing process I imagine it is high.
Past CollaborationHigh (3)
ExplanationThey needed to collaborate and cooperate since they formed cooperatives.
Personal CommunicationMore than once a year (5)
ExplanationMost likely they depend on interpersonal communication for a variety of reasons: fishing spots, safety, regulation. Also some of them should live in close proximity or fish from same ports/areas. However, artisanal fishers come from 3 different islands and I am not sure what is the level of communication among those subgroups.
Remote CommunicationMissing
ExplanationNO DATA