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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Component

SummaryThis group refers to the group of government agencies responsible for the design and implementation of the Macquarie Island Marine Park Management Plan (now part of the SE Network of Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network), and the Macquarie Island Nature Reserve Management Plan. This includes the Director of National Parks of Environment Australia, Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania, and the Australian Antarctic Division
SubtypeGovernment Agency
SectorMarine protected areas
Interest HeterogeneityMedium (2)
ExplanationThey share interests in conservation; but can and have faced disagreements over who should pay for and implement conservation activities.
Costs Of ExitNot Applicable
Proportionality (Of Costs And Benefits)Not Applicable
Actor Group CoordinationBoth formal and informal
ExplanationNature reserve management plan and Marine Park Management Plan aim to align conservation policies.
LeadershipFormal leader
ExplanationFormal leaders are defined by legislation and management plans; and hold authority over the Marine Park and Nature Reserve, respectively.
Leadership AccountabilityLow (1)
ExplanationLeaders of each group are not formally accountable to one another.
Leadership AuthorityLow (1)
ExplanationLeaders hold high levels of authority within the Nature Reserve and MPA; but do not hold authority outside of those areas.
Actor Group TrustMissing
Past CollaborationMedium (2)
ExplanationManagers do collaborate on the management of the MPA and Nature Reserve.
Personal CommunicationMissing
Remote CommunicationMissing