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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Component

SummaryThe Macquarie Island Nature Reserve Management Plan governs activities on Macquarie Island as well as marine areas surrounding the island out to 3 nautical miles.
SubtypeFormal Governance System
Begin Date1978
ExplanationThe land area was initially protected in 1933; the reserve was extended to 3 nautical miles and its present form in 1978.
End DateCurrent (2014)
ExplanationGovernance system remains in place. Coded until 2014.
Governance ScaleState-based policy
ExplanationState of Tasmania-level policy operates within the context of international agreements such as the World Heritage Convention, Convention on Biodiversity, Convention on Migratory Species, and the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels.
Governance System DescriptionThe Macquarie Island Nature Reserve Management Plan is implemented by Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania who is responsible for governing the land area of Macquarie Island as well as marine areas out to 3 nautical miles; and coordinates with the Department of the Environment to ensure that regulations are consistent with those in place in the Marine Park. The marine area out to 3 nautical miles is managed as a no-take zone Terrestrial areas have been protected to some extent since 1933. In general the Nature Reserve Management Plan aims to reduce threats to and conserve biodiversity by concentrating human activity in one area of the reserve, while limiting access and impacts in other areas. They have also invested in a successful pest eradication program.
Governance TriggerNot Applicable
Type Of Formal GovernanceManagement plan
Governance Knowledge Use["Scientific knowledge"]
CentralizationHighly centralized (4)
Distance To MarketsMore than 1000km (4)
ExplanationMacquarie island is more than 1000km from the nearest fisheries markets.
Horizontal Coordination 
Metric DiversityHigh: Many metrics for success (3)
ExplanationThe management plan includes 10 major goals that include include conserving biodiversity, reversing negative conservation trends, maintaining quarantine procedures, limiting impact of tourism and research activities, preserving cultural heritage, and maintaining or improving natural ecological processes that are directly or indirectly related to human disturbance.
Social Ecological FitHigh (3)
Governance System Spatial Extent875
ExplanationThe Macquarie Island Nature Reserve Management Plan covers an area of approximately 875 square kilometers; approximately 128 square kilometers of which is terrestrial.