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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Component

SummaryThe Toothfish fishery management plan governs appropriation of toothfish from waters surrounding Macquarie Island. Limited fishing takes place within the habitat/species protection zone of the Marine Reserve.
SubtypeFormal Governance System
Begin Date1994
ExplanationA trial fishery was begun in 1994.
End DateCurrent (2014)
ExplanationAs of 2014
Governance ScaleState-based policy
ExplanationThe Toothfish fisheries management plan is governed by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority
Governance System DescriptionThe toothfish fishery management plan adopts quotas, input controls (3 boat maximum at any one time) and gear restrictions to manage the fishery and limit environmental impacts. The plan is implemented primarily by the AFMA, with 2 observers aboard each boat.
Governance TriggerNot Applicable
Type Of Formal GovernanceManagement plan
ExplanationManagement plan has been implemented in the context of enabling legislation
Governance Knowledge Use["Scientific knowledge"]
ExplanationScientific knowledge is used exclusively to govern appropriation of toothfish and develop regulations.
CentralizationHighly centralized (4)
ExplanationDecisions are made by the national government
Distance To Markets 
Horizontal Coordination 
Metric DiversityHigh: Many metrics for success (3)
ExplanationGovernance system aims to maintain stocks at sustainable levels, but also seeks to limit bycatch, particularly seabird bycatch and the potential impacts of the fishing fleet on the environment.
Social Ecological FitLow (1)
Governance System Spatial Extent