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Social-Ecological Systems Meta-Analysis Database: Component

SummaryScientists who study the NWHI (ecological and/or social). Includes international scientists from a variety of instiutions. Co-trustee agencies authorize permits for research. Since the NWHI has become completely no-take, researchers are the main 'user' of the MPA.
SubtypeResearch Community
SectorScientific Research and Conservation
Interest HeterogeneityLow (1)
ExplanationThere are a variety of different research groups in the NWHI doing work on different projects, but overall the research interests focus on ecosystem health, biodiversity, fisheries, and other environmental aspects that apply to the MPA.
Costs Of ExitNot Applicable
Proportionality (Of Costs And Benefits)Not Applicable
Actor Group CoordinationInformal
ExplanationSome coordination through the monument saying what they want, research Qs etc - informal collaboration in response to this.
LeadershipNo leader
ExplanationBecause these are different groups of researchers, there is no one leader for this actor group.
Leadership AccountabilityNot Applicable
Leadership AuthorityNot Applicable
Actor Group TrustMedium (2)
ExplanationDepending on funding and personalities this is probably medium
Past CollaborationMedium (2)
ExplanationSome researchers are likely to have collaborated in the past
Personal CommunicationNot Applicable
Remote CommunicationNot Applicable